I’ve been really busy and I know everyone else has too.

I’ve quickly put together a simple resource to accompany some of the sentence craft stuff I’ve shared. I’ve made this activity into either a word document or a google slide. What I plan to do with this is to print out the slides and laminate the different sections and create student card sets.

I want to use this as a simple tactile task where students can manipulate the sentences structures easily and without any extra fuss, and hopefully reuse the activity many times without needing to reprint. I’ve colour coded it for easy reference for the kids. You know:

  • ‘Everyone, look at the yellow card’
  • ‘Does anyone have the yellow card at the end of the sentence? What about in the middle?
  • What do we notice about the red word? It’s an action verb!

Of course, you could print the word document and students complete the task in their books by cutting out the sections and sequencing them, or they could use the google slide and organise the relevant phrases digitally.

This isn’t comprehensive and represents about 25 minutes of work while sitting at the playground after collecting my kids from school.

Download the task (GSlide)

Download as word document

I hope you find it useful, and as always, it’s great when people engage and comment.

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